Step 1.0

First steps.

I believe it is one of the most important thing in making life’s decision. Because we won’t be able to get to any destination in life without making our first one.

Just like a baby! Just like how we all learned to walk. A baby’s intuition encourages them to stand up and make their first step. No matter how many times they would stumble and fall, they will just shrug it off and start again.

For some years, I found myself at the same place and the same state. I was not moving. Barely made a decision that could make myself out of my comfort zone. Growing up was never easy. There were too many crossroads you come across your life and I don’t know which path to take.

It’s like a never ending dilemma. Would you rather do what everyone think is the right thing? Or would you rather do the things that could make you happy. I don’t know. Sometimes, one thing weigh more than the other and some days they don’t.

But I get to a point when I realized the value of self-fulfillment. The comforts of life will sometimes disappoint you if you are not truly happy. I met different types of people, but I could hardly find those who are genuinely happy about their life. But what made a difference, they try to write their own story.

And that’s what I missed out. I was too passive. There were days when I get too emotional say things this and that. I told myself to do this and that. By the following day, I was back to my old self. Back on the same chair. Back on the same routine. Back to the same problem, where I am heading to.

It was really a tedious process. And I’m sick of it. With a little push and motivation from genuine friends, I decided to write my own story. I am not pretty sure how things would work out, but I guess it saves me from the regrets I could get.

I was too busy thinking how would people see me that I forgot to see what really makes me happy, and sometimes the latter is not good for them. But I need to get my foot one step ahead. And if there’s 100 steps to reach my destination, its good to think that I have 99 more steps to take.

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